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We understand that you might not have time to answer all 200 questions at once. To help facilitate this, every time you click on next to access the next page with questions, all your answers will be saved. When you sign back in you will continue where you left off!

Once the questionnaires are submitted, the computer program will look for potential matches based on compatibility. Once our system finds you a promising match with a high compatibility score (80% or more), you will be contacted.  You will be able to see the positive answers that both of you match on WITHOUT SEEING EACH OTHER’S NAMES.  

There are 2 buttons in your account under my matches:

  1. I would like to find out more about this person. Please ask them if they would agree to share our names and e mail info with each other.
  2. This shidduch is not for me, please search for another shidduch.

After reading the positive answers that you both matched on, once you feel you want to get to know more information about this person, click on the first button, I would like to find out more about this person. Please ask them if they would agree to share our names and e mail info with each other.   

If both of you decide you want to go ahead with the shidduch then you will both be informed that you are in agreement and you will receive the other person's EMAIL  information. We deliberately do not give your phone information because we do not take responsibility for having anyone calling you. However, it is up to you after communicating initially by e mail, if you want to give your phone number, skype info etc.  You will then have to make your own arrangements how to be in touch with each other.  Naturally you can get a shadchan to be the go between for you or your parents can handle the shidduch. You may want to be in touch by e mail initially, or to talk by phone or  by skype for the first couple of times before meeting in person. It is all up to you.  You can ask for references from each other and do whatever you like after you receive the information about your most compatible match. 

Basically from then on you have to do your own work. Please remember we do not do any background checking or reference calls.  Therefore anybody can simply fill up a questionnaire and we hope they answer truthfully for their own sake and the sake of their potential shidduch. But we cannot be responsible about the character or background of the person .  Our function is just to find matches that have 80% compatibility and you take it from there and do your own research. In other words, we just offer a computer service that screens for matches of high compatibility. We cannot vouch for anyone who registers with us.  

Obviously when it comes time to date, you have to see if you like each other, if the physical chemistry is right, to ask plenty of questions and discuss possible problematic issues etc.  

We understand perfectly well that a person should be uplifted by the look of their prospective partner. Attraction is a major part of the shidduch process. However, we do not provide pictures because it can detract from looking at the whole person and the compatibility aspect , which we are emphasizing. Our service is to provide a compatibility score based mainly on your characters, goals, likes, dislikes in life and spiritual matters and middot etc .  We leave the part of attraction to you when you actually either meet in person or initially on skype if that works better for some people.

If you do not want to continue with this match and you want to get another match, or you dated this person and it did not work out and you want to get another match, click on the second button, This shidduch is not for me, please search for another shidduch. 

There is NO FEE  for this shidduch service. This is being done as a mitzvah, solely to try to help people find their shidduchim and build a Jewish home. The so called shidduch "crisis" of today does require some additional action and efforts and this is our humble contribution.

Wishing everyone to find their bashert easily and quickly!  Much hatzlacha and bsorot tovot!

And remember we will be delighted to hear you get engaged (either through our website or another way) so we can remove you from our database!