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Shadchanim, although they mean well and want to do a big mitzvah, often  dont have the time to really get to know you properly or your potential match.  The few that really spend hours getting to know you, find it hard to keep track of so many people and remember every detail when trying to look for a suitable shidduch.


We are a group of concerned parents and together with our co-founder we have put together a list of 200 questions that delve into  details of who you are, your background and upbringing, what you are looking for in a spouse and your goals in life, in order to get to know details about you and to match you with the most compatible person.
Our  co-founder, Dr. Shimon, is a retired pre marriage counselor and marriage counselor with more than 40 years experience in helping thousands of couples.  It took many years to develop this automatic computer program that will match candidates based on the highest compatibility score.  Our servers run your questionnaire answers against thousands of other people’s and will only give positive results if your score is high enough, so you dont waste your time dating  people who are incompatible.  
Please read our about us page for more details, as well as how our program works page!


There is no fee for this service. This is being done as a mitzvah, solely to try to help people find their shidduchim and build a Jewish home. The so called shidduch crisis of today does require some additional action and efforts and this is our humble contribution.  Please tell your friends about our site and sign up for free!

Wishing everyone to find their bashert easily and quickly!  Much hatzlacha and bsorot tovot!

And remember we will be delighted to hear you get engaged (either through our website or another way)!


None of the information provided will be shared with anyone, including the potential shidduch or other shadchanim, without your permission. It is only for the purpose of the computer calculating compatibility.


Another purpose for the detailed questionnaire is to make the person filling out the questionnaire aware of potential areas within themselves that may need fixing or healing. It also gives a person some concept of what areas need to be discussed with a potential match, and also to give people an idea of what type of questions to ask each other when dating.   Very often when people date they discuss things superficially but do not really get into problematic or controversial areas. It is important to discover possible problems before marriage and try to work them out. If they cannot be worked out before marriage, it is unlikely they will be workable after marriage! If there are problematic areas that need discussing, the computer will inform us of that and you will be told what needs to be spoken about while dating.

So these questionnaires serve a number of important functions. And certainly once a couple does get engaged, if they both agree, they could even exchange their questionnaire answers to see how much they have in common and what areas need to be worked on. This is a good source of pre marriage counseling and a good preparation for a happy marriage later.